Galactic Reaction

Playlist for Show: Esoteria

# Artist Song Album Label Comments
1 6ex 6ex 6ex 6ex 6ex 6ex 6ex 6ex 6ex Not On Label 1983
2 Craze Motions b/w Spartans Cobra 1979
3 The John Gregory Orchestra Special Branch The Detectives Philips 1976
4 John Ruth Goodbye I Am a Model Twenty-Two Records 1981
5 Metronom Mademoiselle Ninette b/w Zavolej Panton 1971
6 Jeff Floyd Best Of Friends b/w Don't Leave Me Big J Records 1984
7 Blam Blam Blam Talkback King Luxury Length Propeller 1982
8 Pacheco Soul Piper Latin Piper Fania Records 1968
9 Invisible Man's Band Rated X Rated X The Boardwalk Entertainment Co 1981
10 The Phantom I'm The Phantom b/w Stolen Love Phantom Records 1958
11 Mistral Neon City b/w Asphalt CNR 1978
12 Lina Savonà Maya b/w Libera Di Andare Vanilla 1978
13 Mk. III Thunderball b/w The Wild Boar Fuller 1965
14 The Cousins Dang Dang (Dingue Dingue) Dang Dang Palette 1961
15 Galaxy We're Here To Rock You (Vocal) We're Here To Rock You (Instrumental) Pop Art Records 1981 (?)
16 Indifferent Dance Centre Flight & Pursuit b/w Release Recluse 1981
17 Half Church TV Screen In Turmoil WiN Records 1981
18 Spinach America-America b/w Rhythm Of Love Liberty 1970
19 Roger Powell Pipeline b/w March Of The Dragon Slayer Bearsville 1978
20 Ray T. Jones That Norfolk Sound b/w Cause You're Coming Home Wee-Too! 1975
21 Milkways Galactic Reaction b/w Love For N.R. Barclay 1978
22 Galambos Együttes & Fazekas Nicolette Selene Galambos Group & Nicolette Fazekas Qualiton 1964
23 The Need Let Them Eat Valium b/w Seduction Vitriol Products 1980
24 Gary Crosby Ayuh Ayuh b/w Mississippi Pecan Pie Decca 1955
25 Paddy Kingsland Wobulator Rock b/w Get Back EMI 1976
26 Pekinška Patka Strah Strah Od Monotonije Jugoton 1981
27 Derrick Morgan Let Them Talk b/w Bringing In The Guns Jackpot 1972
28 John Harris And The Soul Sayers Hangin' In b/w What Can I Do Kerston Records 1967
29 Pasivni Posmatrači Prirode Oči I Intro Dom 1992
30 Les Fantômes Et Leurs "Big Sound" Guitares Loop De Loop Loop De Loop Disques Vogue 1963
31 Second Image Take A Trip (Dance mix) Fall In Love (Dance Mix) Polydor Polydor
32 David Dundas Jeans On b/w Sleepy Serena Air 1976
33 The Beas Doctor Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine b/w Where Do I Go From You Dee Gee Records 1966

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